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Preparing Photos For The North Shore Auction


After testing dozens of photo editing software, the North Shore Auction recommends the use of “PhotoPrep” by “Pixby. Although the softwae is still in "Beta," (the testing stage), our testing suggests it is ready for prime time! To download your FREE (we like that word) copy of PhotoPrep, click HERE

“PhotoPrep” is unique in that it was designed around EBay requirements, and since that comes close enough to our requirements, the NorthShoreAuction.com software will automatically make the final adjustments.

To view a printable version of this tutorial, click HERE

So let’s begin this tutorial by opening the software. Once opened, your default photo directory should appear in the left “pane.” If your photos are stored elsewhere such as on a thumb drive, navigate to that location.

Once you locate the directory holding your photo(s), they should appear in the center stage. Double click on the photo you wish to manipulate and it will open in a new window. The left pane now changes to contain the tools necessary for adjusting your photo.

The first step is to crop your photo, that is, remove excess and/or unwanted information. For example, suppose you want to isolate a vase that appears in a photo. By clicking on the crop button, a working frame will appear on the photo. Using your mouse, manipulate the frame so that only your vase remains in the square. Once you feel satisfied with your handiwork, click on the “Apply” button and your photo will be cropped. If you are not satisfied, simply click on the “Undo” or “Revert” buttons in the center section of the upper tool bar.

The next task is to resize your photo to conform to the requirements of the North Shore Auction. This incredible software makes that a breeze. Click on the “Resize” button followed by the down arrow in the “Custom” box. When the drop down menu appears, click on the “EBay Recommended 1600 pixels” followed by the “Apply” button. Your photo will be automatically resized to our requirements.

Rotate is the next choice. Unless you have some real reasons for using this choice, we suggest you take a pass since it could portray your photo in a manner that could show it in a false manner.

Exposure is the next choice.  We recommend that you simply click on the “Automatic” button.  For some reason, the “Apply” button doesn’t work (remember this is a “Beta” version) so simply click on the “Color” tab to save your work and move onto the “Color” section.

Color is the next choice. Once again, we recommend that you simply click on the “Automatic” button followed by the “Apply” button.

Sharpness is the final choice. We recommend that you skip this choice unless you are very talented and your photo has some serious “challenges.”

Finally, if everything meets your needs, click on the “Save As” button and rename your photo with a descriptive name and save it on your desktop for easy uploading.

Finally, if you wish to work with additional photos, you may use the arrows in the lower toolbar to select one or if you are finished, simply click on the small “X” in the upper right corner or on the “P” in the upper left corner. If you select the “P”, click on “Close” in the drop down menu.

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