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A Tutorial For Making Your Visit More Enjoyable!

Destination Shoppers

If your visit to NorthShoreAuction.com is destination oriented, that is you intend to bid on an item listed in a specific section, you have two choices:

  • If the item is listed in the center stage under “Featured Listings,” “Hottest Listings,” or “Recent Listings,” simply click on the image and the item’s detail page willopen. This is where you can bid on the item.
  • If the item is not available in any of the above windows, click on the most likely category in the left hand column and continue “drilling down” until you locate it.
    To view a printable version of this tutorial, click HERE

Note: Although you can “drill down” by clicking on any photo on the top level, on

lower levels you must click on the description under the photo to continue your search.


If your visit to NorthShoreAuction.com is browsing oriented, that is you intend to check out any or all items, you also have two choices:

  • Review the items listed in the “Center Stage” under “Featured Listings,” “Hottest Listings,” or “Recent Listings.” If you see an item of interest, click on the image for more information.
  • If you don’t see anything of interest in the “Center Stage,” click on one of the categories in the left hand column and continue “drilling down” until you reach a bottom level. If you still don’t see anything of interest, select another category or visit the shops in our “LeGrande Bazaar.”

Once you locate an item, click on the photo and the “Auction” window will open. Review this auction detail page and if you wish to proceed, click on the “Bid” button in the upper center portion of the page.

Should you have any unanswered question, please send a short email to admin@NorthShoreAuction.com and include your full name and the best phone number to reach you.

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