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About Us

NorthShoreAuction.com is a public service website owned and operated by Jack Koenig & Associates LTD, consultants to business and industry since 1976.

NorthShoreAuction.com was conceived as a FREE platform for helping non-profits conduct fundraisers for their operations, and for homeowners to conduct FREE garage sales for their slightly used, but still usable belongings.

To help support these efforts, NorthShoreAuction.com created three other platforms which have slight fees associated with them:

  1. An "Estate Content Auction" section
  2. A "Flea Market Auction" section
  3. Our own version of "Le Grande Bazaar," a special place for budding entrepreneurs to setup their own storefront at a ridiculously low charge.

Jack Koenig & Associates, based in Bannockburn, Illinois, has been serving clients throughout the United States in the fields of corporate restructuring, online and offline marketing, and information technology since 1976. Their reputation for the highest integrity and excellence in service has made them an institution in and of themselves.

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