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How To Sell On NorthShoreAuction.com

A Tutorial To Help Make Your Visit More Enjoyable!

Only registered users may post an item for auction or sale.  If you are not as

yet registered and wish to do so please read our tutorial by clicking HERE.



Preparation should be the most important item on your agenda before you start posting an auction (sale) on the NorthShoreAuction.com website. The following steps are essential to making your auction a success:


Login to your account by clicking on the yellow box on the right side of the HOME page and enter your user name and password. Once logged in, your "My Account" page will open, presenting you with a comprehensive overview of your activity.

To begin a new listing, click on the "New Auction" link found in the "Listing Cart" / "Add Items" section located above the "My Account" section.

The "Place An Auction" window will open in the center stage. Select the main category in which you will place your auction (you are free to select any other except not-for-profits). Fees, if any, will depend on the groups you select. For more information on possible fees, click HERE

After selecting your auction group, a category selection window – specific to that group - will open.  Browse through the available categories and select that which is best suited for your auction. After clicking on the category, scroll down to the “Auction Details” section. It is here where you will begin entering the nitty-gritty of your auction/sale including:

Type of auction - There are two types of auctions:

Auction start time: the current time and date populate the choice but can be changed by using the drop down arrows.

Auction end time: there are two choices (use the drop down arrow to change selections):

Minimum starting bid: enter the lowest bid you will accept as a "starter." The default of $.01

Reserve Price: if you have established a "rock bottom" price, enter it here or leave this field blank. 

Be careful: If you use this option and the item doesn't sell, you still must pay closing fees based on the "Reserve Price."

This is done to deter certain individuals from using the NorthShoreAuction.com site to establish a value for their merchandise.

Buy Now Price: if you wish to allow individuals to bypass the bidding process and simply purchase the item at a given price, enter it here. If you further wish to make this a "For Sale" item as opposed to an auction, check the box alongside it.

Quantity: generally this will be a "1" for standard auctions and more than "1" for Dutch auctions.

Price applies to: ignore this field.

Off site payment types: This selection allows you to establish what types of payments you will accept from the successful bidder in an offsite environment. For example, you might only accept cash so you make arrangements to meet the successful bidder/buyer at a Starbucks and exchange your item for the cash. But be careful, if you indicate that you will accept a credit card and you are not equipped to process it, that could be grounds for the buyer cancelling the sale. 

Enter the access code from the provided information. If you have a problem reading the code, keep clicking on it until it changes to something you can understand.

Contact Information: Verify your information and make any necessary changes. Make certain that you populate the “State” box or you will not be permitted to continue. This is a security check.

The next area to be populated is the "Image & Upload" section. If you have no photos, or if you wish to upload them later, just click on the "Continue" button.

Choose from any extras designed to make your auction stand out (Bolding, Featured Auction, Attention Getters) and then choose from one of the three options:

Review the items in your "Shopping Cart" and if satisfied, click on the "Checkout" button in the lower right corner of your "cart" and a combination “Billing Contact Info,” Order Summary,” and “Payment Details” window will open.

If you wish to make any changes, simply click on either the "Edit" or "Delete" button on the selected line item.

Review the information in the "Billing Contact Info" section and be certain to populate both the "Country" and "State" boxes by using the drop down arrows or you will not be able to proceedThis is a security measure.

In the "Payment Details" section, select how you will pay (if applicable) for NorthShoreAuction.com to host your auction.

Selecting "PayPal" will also allow credit card payments.

Selecting anything other than "PayPal" may delay your auction until payment is received.

After you have made your payment selection and all other information appears correct, you have two choices:

Congratulations, you have successfully placed your auction on NorthShoreAuction.com. Now the fun begins!

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